Moccasin Ride Saturday November 23, 2019

Some MLBC board members are celebrating the long awaited re-opening of Marshes Flat Road by riding the Moccasin, Don Pedro, Coulterville, Priest Station loop. We invite you to join us starting at 9:00 am on Saturday 11/23/2019. The loop is 35 miles with about 4,000 feet of climbing including a very strenuous starting climb up Kelley Grade on Marshes Flat Road. See a description of the loop and two shorter bail out options at The ride will also be posted on the MLBC club page on Strava.

We will meet up at the large pullout at the intersection of SR 120 and SR 49 near the Moccasin Fish Hatchery. The ride is casual paced, no drop, and unsupported. There are food and drink available in Coulterville and at Priest Station. Please use the “Contact MLBC” link for questions or to let us know you’re planning to ride. Thanks and enjoy the ride!

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