Electric Bikes for Commuting and Recreation

At VanMoof …we want to get the next billion on bikes by making bike commuting as accessible as possible. E-bikes have evolved and are mainstreaming as a high tech, mass appeal mobility option, especially for those living in cities with a commute problem to solve.


Van Moof brothers, Ties and Taco Carlier are on the cutting edge of making main stream electric bikes. This article, Why it’s time to update Europe’s outdated e-bike speed limit examines what is holding back an “exciting transportation breakthrough.” See link below.

VanMoof is promoting e-bikes for commuting, but my new S3 is a perfect bike for handling the California Foothills. I recently rode 26 miles, with 1,775 feet of elevation gain, in 1 hour and 45 minutes, along rural roads in Calaveras County. I typically ride a traditional road bike weekly in Calaveras County but, I purchased the VanMoof S3 as an alternative recreational bike. Each week, I’m exploring a destination ride to a California Gold Rush Town.

As communities embrace cycling tourism, e-bikes will increase the cycling tourists who come to ride bikes in the Central Valley, Motherlode and Sierras.


Bike Riding in Caltrans District 10

Bicycle clubs from the Central Valley, Sacramento Region, and from the Motherlode ride weekly on Amador and Calaveras County Roads. Although, Amador County Transportation Commission is not a partner in the Interregional Cycling Tourism Grant, many popular bike riding destinations start in the five partnership counties and lead to Amador County Gold Rush Towns. Popular bicycle club rides start in Lodi, Wallace and Valley Springs and end in Sutter Creek, Amador City, Fiddletown, Plymouth, Valcano, and Jackson.

The recent road improvement along Jesus Maria Road in Calaveras County is linking Amador and Calaveras Counties. Strava bike ride data shows a significant increase in cyclists riding bikes from Valley Springs to Shake Ridge Road to Raliroad Flat to descent twelve miles down Jesus Maria Road.

More road improvements are planned for Amador and Calaveras County. Amador Business interviewed Caltrans District 10, Warren Alford about upcoming road improvements. The road improvements increase the opportunities for increasing cycling tourism in the Motherlode.

Warren Alford is the chief of public and legislative affairs for Caltrans in District 10, which is headquartered in Stockton. The counties of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne comprise District 10, so Alford has a lot on his plate. He knows area highways well as he grew up in Calaveras County.


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