Calaveras County: SR-4 Murphys – Arnold Corridor

Murphy’s Grade from Angels Camp

The segment of State Route (SR) 4 stretching from Murphys to Arnold offers access to multiple tourism destinations ranging from caverns to wine tasting rooms. This focus area has the opportunity to consider long term improvements to a state route that also serves as an alternative “main street” for these smaller communities, as well as identify potential side routes and paths for bicycle tourists who may be seeking quieter roadways. SR-4 already has a reputation among cyclists for scenery where it crosses Ebbetts Pass and links to Alpine County, and the focus area is also developing a positive reputation among local gravel and mountain bike enthusiasts

Sonora High School Mountain Bike Club

Please review your county’s showcase area and tell us what you think!

Are these the popular bike routes you like to ride currently?

What bike destinations or routes would you like to visit/ride to in the future?

Do you have Safety concerns within any Showcase Area?

Do you have any ideas for supportive amenities (signage, repair services, bike racks, etc) that would encourage bike riding in the Showcase Areas?



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