RideandWalk4Art 2022 Century

https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/embedded/4647916099?width=600&height=400&elevation=true&info=true&line_color=E68006c6&rgbhex=c60680&distance_markers=0&unit_type=imperial&map_mode=ROADMAP&show_marker_every=1&last_updated=2021-09-21T19:43:31+00:00 More Details 100 miles, Short and steep Hill Climbs…Paloma, Stoney Creek, Gwin and Coal Mine, Pardee, and Hogan! The route starts in Valley Springs and cyclists ride near three West Calaveras County Lakes. The hill climbs offer views of Mt. Diablo in the Bay Area. Three route options, 25, 45 and Century. The CenturyContinue reading “RideandWalk4Art 2022 Century”

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