RideandWalk4Art Volunteers

Calaveras Enterprise Newspaper Article Written by, Don Urbanus

Normally, if you were covering a bike ride, you’d take lots of pictures of people riding bikes. But if you’re on the support team, your focus is elsewhere. Before we even started the event, we had to mark the roads with different colored biodegradable arrows. Yellow for 30 miles. Green for 45 miles. Orange for 100 miles. Rob Williams (chair of the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition, the organization that helps manage and coordinate the event), his friend Walt, and I headed out Friday morning to mark the roads and intersections to keep people on the correct route. That was a 5-hour job.


Michael Cauthorn, a project engineer and estimator at George Reed Construction, donated 16 hours of his time loading, delivering, and placing two trailer loads of “special event” and “share the road” signs and barriers at strategic locations and intersections along the route. All signs were courtesy of George Reed Construction. Michael is one of the unsung heroes of the event and a big reason why everyone made it back safely.

Safety Sign at Middle Bar Bridge

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