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Former Public School Administrator. Current Co-Founder of MLBC and Vice President of the Stockton Bike Club

October 8, 2019 Tuesday Ride

Ride with Don, aka MLBC Member and Ride Leader, FoxtrotCharlie on this Valley Springs to Volcano Ride.

I’m on vacation at BBQ Camp!


Understanding E-bikes and What They Mean to Lost Sierra Trails – Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Not only will expanding access for Class 1 e-bikes help encourage more of the public to explore their public lands, but the rapidly growing popularity of e-bikes will also help bolster the recreation economy of struggling mountain towns like Downieville that rely on visitation and tourism revenue.
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The joy and power of bike culture in POC music and art – Streetsblog Chicago

Connecting people to information about how to improve walking, biking, and transit
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Goathead | Tuolumne Bikes

“Don’t call me Goathead!” — Lon Simmons* I like to look for little things I can do as a bicyclist to improve my community. I have a hard time following up on the big ideas, so here I’m talking about 15 minute bites of manual labor type stuff. I got two this morning. The grasses…
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