Understanding E-bikes and What They Mean to Lost Sierra Trails – Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Not only will expanding access for Class 1 e-bikes help encourage more of the public to explore their public lands, but the rapidly growing popularity of e-bikes will also help bolster the recreation economy of struggling mountain towns like Downieville that rely on visitation and tourism revenue.
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The joy and power of bike culture in POC music and art – Streetsblog Chicago

Connecting people to information about how to improve walking, biking, and transit
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Our First Paid Member

Let’s hear it for Chris and all of the MLBC Board members working to build the Coalition!

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Chris Bateman met Rob Williams and Carl Baker at the Bank of Stockton today to become the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition's first paid member. Chris filled out our membership form at the Tom Frost Hill Climb on Old Priest Grade and transferred his funds today. So far, the MLBC has lived on the graces of our Board members through volunteering and paying for expenses when needed. We are looking to transition to the next phase using fundraising to increase our ability to promote safe and healthy cycling in the Motherlode. Thanks Chris and welcome aboard! Look for continued improvements to motherlodebike.org including a new membership page. #motherlodebike #motherlodebikemembership #mytuolumnecounty

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Tom Frost Memorial Hill Climb on Old Priest Grade

The MLBC helped with the permits and staging of the August 24 Tom Frost Memorial Climb on Old Priest Grade. Board Chair Rob Williams worked with Flatlander Films and Tuolume County on permitting and operations issues, and Robert Leibold graciously loaned traffic control signs and barriers for the event and road closure. Nikki Grimes, Jack Becker, and Carl Baker helped with local knowledge, check-in, implementing the closures, and parking. Four of us (2/3 of the Board) also did the climb, each setting a personal record!

Congratulations are due to Erv Kroeker who made it up the hill at 78 years young.

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MLBC Board Members On the way up OPG!

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The event was a great bike experience, and also a fitting memorial of Tom Frost for the climbing community. The event sponsor, Flatlander Films is producing a documentary about Tom Frost, a legendary climber and a cyclist too. See https://flatlanderfilms.com/ and make a donation if you can afford to do so.

The MLBC is proud to have played a part in supporting and participating in the climb and is hoping to contribute to a second annual event. It was a treat to see cyclists coming and going to Coulterville and on other routes in the area throughout the morning and afternoon.

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Goathead | Tuolumne Bikes

“Don’t call me Goathead!” — Lon Simmons* I like to look for little things I can do as a bicyclist to improve my community. I have a hard time following up on the big ideas, so here I’m talking about 15 minute bites of manual labor type stuff. I got two this morning. The grasses…
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