A Bucket List Bike Event

Athens Gambler Recreation Bike Event

You’ve got to…

Know when to Drop ’em

Know when to Race away

On my bucket list has been to attend the annual Athens Twilight Criterium and Gambler Recreational Ride which occured on April 21, 2023

The Athens Twilight Criterium was pure bliss, thanks to Georgia CycleSport, Specialized Bikes and the City of Athens. 

Georgia Cycle Sport and Specialized Bikes allowed me to test ride a S Works Turbo Creo to ride in the Gambler Ride. I registered for the 50K but rode the 100K because I was having just too much fun riding the rural roads surrounding Athens.

Hold ‘Em

For the first 20 miles I rode the Creo with no boost. The bike rolled easily and shifting a breeze. Early along the ride, after reaching city limits I met a strong rider from Atlanta who was spinning at 17-19 miles per hour. I used the level one boost to draft and Hold ‘Em to ride along with my new Georgia friend for several miles.

Drop Em

After 20 miles, I decided to utilize the electric boost options. I jumped into several cycling groups and drafted for a respite, still using electric assist. Riding in a peloton with an e boost was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I was spinning but, without any effort that allowed me to enjoy the thrill of riding along at 20 miles per hour.

Race Away

After the last rest stop I used all boost levels and flew by groups of cyclists heading back to the finish line in Athens. My slow, dreamy ride during the last 3 and half hours ramped up. I wanted my long ride time to be under 4 hours and 19 minutes so I raced away to downtown Athens. The Creo Specialized screamed into  Athens and I imagined the race fans hooting and howling as I was suddenly stopped by Nick, the Specialized Representative who was waiting for the return of his “very fancy bike!”

Traditional Road vs Road E Bike

Riding a Specialized Electric road bike is a very different experience from a traditional road bike. It allowed me to ride a long distance without being anxious about fatigue. It allowed me to be more mindful of my surroundings to really enjoy the spring countryside.

As the ride winded down I ramped up the electric power to fly up and down gradual rolling hills, and flat out drag racing on the flat road surfaces.

During my ride back to Athens, this Creo, along with my experienced legs passed several cycling groups filled with youth, ambition, and drive. There was no catching this Creo unless it was a LA Legion or Miami Heat Pro during a training lap in Athens.

At the end of the day riding the Specialized E Bike Creo was heavenly and made my trip to the Athens Twilight a last memory.


Thank you, Georgia CYCLE SPORT and SPECIALIZED BIKES. Timed ride, 4 hours, 20 minutes!

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